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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monkeys- we are all somebody's Monkey.

This early prototype Chimpanzee, what would become standard emotive assimilation in operationally deployed Autonomous Marines, was recently recovered from the grey market and will be dissembled. This model comes with no internal power source, and therefore the circuits were fully discharged.  This state ensured no accidental "activation" of the unit prior to surgery. A note of caution: newer Models with self-preservation encoding typically come pre equipped from the manufacturer with charged Fuel cells or even Litrocell power, and contingencies for auto or preactivation should be thought out well before attempting dissemblation

Removal of the rear portion of the skull

While the neural portion of the board has been redacted, the Motor Cortical circuitry is evident. 
One can pretty quicly get a feel for the electro mechanics of the beast.

From Brethren Hackin Lab:
Below we have installed a Serializer WL board to provide a control link to the Chimp Animitronics from the Interwebs. The control link will allow the chimp to act as an Avatar for our Cloud Distributed AI agent.

Stay tuned for progress reports as work continues.

If you've had experience with this or similar Avatar like beings, please share your experiences in the comments section.

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