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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Furby 2012 Arduino Cyborg

More Furby hacking...

Most of the sensors can be accessed from the motor driver board which also is a hub for many of the sensors leads (3 pins for capacitive touch, 6 pins for orientation).

One question is how much control can be achieved via stimulating these various sensors.  Can the eyes be controlled to look in a particular direction (via tilt sensor); Furby will look up when the head capacitive sensor is stimulated.

Using a solid state switch that is activated via TTL, the Furby can be modded to do some weird shit:

The green light is from the Arduino pin 13 LED, the white light signals the solid state relay firing.  PIR sensor in front. Red LED stays on for a while after motion detector is first triggered. When LED goes out, any motion will trigger the solid state relay (white light flashes 2-6 times, indicating relay switching 2-6 times- currently attached to the tongue sensor).  With no motion (or other stimuli) for 2-3 minutes, Furby goes into sleep mode again.

Orientation sensor wires:

Force feeding the little beast:

After too much continuous stimulation
the little beast has just about had it.
 Thank god it was securely tethered the whole time.

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